Missionary Bonnie Jean McPeak

National Chapter President

email: mcpeak8961@gmail.com 


We develop professional, business & leadership potential of women on all levels through advocacy, mentoring, networking, skill building and economic empowerment programs and projects around the world.

We seek nonprofit, community based, and faith based organizations  with a similar focus to partner with. 

Supervisor Dr. Emma Jean Clark


Membership & Recruitment Adviser

email: Clarkemmaj@aol.com

Dr EJ Clark.jpg

It Takes a real women to live for God, and living for God will make a real woman.

Put your profession to work for God!

Evangelist Alfreda Moore


Membership & Recruitment Chair

email: alfreda@mejbusinesswomen.org

Alfreda Moore.jpg

Currently recruiting Regional Chairs for Regions 2, 4, 5, 6, 7  & 9

if interested please contact me at 


Missionary Doris Lowrey

Region 1

Membership & Recruitment Chair




Alaska, California Southern First, California Evangelistic, California North Central, California Northeast, California Ecclesiastical, California Northwest,  California Northern First, California Northern Metropolitan, California Grater Northern Second, California Southern Second, California Third, California Fourth, California Southern Evangelistic, California Southern Metropolitan, California Southwest Ecclesiastical, California Valley, California Western, California West Coast, Nevada First Ecclesiastical, Nevada North First, Oregon, Oregon Northwest, Washington State, Washington Northwest

Ecclesiastical, Belize, Central America, India First,

Puerto Rico Commonwealth


MissionarJennifer Carrington

Region 3 

Membership & Recruitment Chair

email: info@jennifercarington.com



Kansas Central, Kansas East, Kansas Southwest,

Louisiana, Louisiana First, Louisiana Eastern First

Louisiana Eastern Second, Louisiana Eastern Third, Louisiana Greater New Orleans, Louisiana South Central, 

Missouri Eastern First, Missouri 2nd  West, Illinois, Missouri Midwest, Missouri Southwest Third,  Missouri Western First, Missouri Western Second,

Oklahoma Northwest, Southeast

Texas Central Metropolitan, Texas East, Texas Lone Star, Texas Northeast First, Texas Northeast Second, Texas Northeast Third, Texas Northeast Fourth, Texas Southwest, Texas Western

Germany, Ivory Coast, West Africa, The Republic of Ghana, Mexico, Nigeria (Ikeja) Good News Eccl. (Ikeja),

Nigeria West Africa

Evangelist Lisa Sconiers

Region 8 

Membership & Recruitment Chair




Alabama First, Alabama Second, Alabama Third,

Arkansas First, Arkansas Second,  Arkansas Third,

Arkansas Fourth, Kentucky First, Kentucky Second, 

Mississippi, Mississippi Northern, Mississippi Southern First, Mississippi Southern Second, Tennessee Central, Tennessee Eastern First, Tennessee Eastern Second, Tennessee Headquarters, Tennessee Fourth, Tennessee Southwest, 

Virginia First, Virginia Second, Virginia Third, Virginia Forth, Washington DC, West Virginia, Brazil, Canada Western, Haiti, India Fourth, Saint Lucia Eastern, South Africa Seventh, Nigeria , Edo COGIC

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